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Order a fun kiddie ride today!



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“We were searching for the ULTIMATE GIFT for our daughter’s birthday. She has always loved carousels. We purchased an amazing carousel from Kiddie Rides USA. Our daughter was overjoyed when we presented her gift. Our carousel sits in our backyard, and it gets ridden continually.”



Teresa in Lubbock, TX

CookCarouselMD“‘Nellie’ arrived last Thursday in perfect shape. My young grandsons came over to our HOME for their first rides. What a blast! For me it’s a throwback to the past and a lot of fond memories of begging my parents for a ride when we were in town. Thanks for making my day Kiddie Rides USA.”

Will in Kansas City, KS
“We recently purchased two rides from Kiddie Rides USA for our CORPORATE LOBBY. For our interactive firm, it added an element of creativity and fun echoing our culture and our design team’s personalities. It’s also quite amusing to see our clients riding the spaceship!”


Karl in Denver, CO
“Kids love the horse at our RESTAURANT. We even had a first time customer, who was a 50+ years old, sit on him and have her picture taken.


Also, families now have to stay longer because the kids want to keep riding ‘Sugar Baby’. This is also increasing our sales. I’m hoping ‘Sugar Baby’ develops a cult like following!”



Scott Tate with Udder Delights in GA

“What a great motivational tool our kiddie ride has been in our DOCTORS OFFICE. The kids look forward to their office visits because they know an exciting ride is waiting for them at the end.”

Linda in Morgantown, WV
“In Hollywood, we’re always looking for PROPS to make our sets ‘pop’. Our rides from Kiddie Rides USA were awesome. The vivid colors and skilled painting truly made for special pieces for our film set!”

Dawn w/ Sony Entertainment Movie: “Fun with Dick and Jane” Starring: Jim Carrey & Tea Leoni